Discrete and timeless appeal

Design: Marc Sadler

A tub with discrete and timeless appeal. Available in different sizes, it combines maximum internal roominess with minimum external dimensions, easily adapting to every bathroom environment. The comfortable cushion provides relaxing head support. The various jets - ergonomically positioned to maximise the beneficial effects of hydromassage - focus on specific parts of the body, like the special, inset dorsal jet. The underwater spot light evocatively illuminates the air and water jets, adding an appealing visual effect and a hint of intimate atmosphere to the hydromassage ritual.


- 180 x 80 x 56.5 cm
- 170 x 80 x 56.5 cm
- 170 x 75 x 56.5 cm
- 170 x 70 x 56.5 cm
- 160 x 70 x 56.5 cm


orner, Wall


- A pleasurable bathing experience
- A vitalizing bath
- Guaranteed quality